• Member in Control
    Posted by SL&A on Dec 4th, 2012
    Related Products & Services: Strategic Planning

    By, Stuart R. Levine Published in CU Insights December, 2012 In order to position themselves for success in the future, credit unions and financial institutions must accept the fact that their relationship with their customers or members has changed and will continue to evolve.  Maintaining and growing their customer or member base will require that [...]

  • The 50,000 Challenge Revisited
    Posted by SL&A on Aug 8th, 2012
    Related Products & Services: Young Profession Career Development

    By Stuart R. Levine It’s Sunday, and I’m reading the newspapers and watching the talk shows, trying to digest the political commentary that consumes all of us. My perception and conclusion is that based on the content and the harsh tones, the environment in this country is filled with incredible toxicity. Within this context, it [...]

  • Extraordinary Service Delivered to Members
    Posted by SL&A on Aug 20th, 2010

    Mission: To create an organization that delivers extraordinary service to their members. Description of Market Offering: Strategic Planning and Implementation; Team Effectiveness and Alignment; Culture Change; Process of Market Offering: Assessment - SL&A facilitated meetings with the senior leadership team to confirm the strategy; develop service attributes; and share key values which served as a foundation [...]

  • Successful Spin Off $2 Billion NYSE Entity
    Posted by SL&A on Aug 10th, 2010

    Mission: To integrate and leverage the entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership of the senior team. Description of Marketing Offering: Getting it right with your senior leadership; Getting it right for you – Executive Consultation with Group Co-President; Process of Marketing Offering: Assessment - Review and analysis of pertinent documentation, including existing planning processes and plans. Planning - SL&A [...]