• Water – A Transformative Issue for Business and Society
    Posted by SL&A on Mar 23rd, 2012
    Related Products & Services: Strategic Planning, Operation Processes and Implementation

    This past month, I spent a day engaging in thought-provoking dialogue at the Deloitte Davos Experience. The issues discussed each year at the World Economic Forum provide a context for the most important challenges of our time. I’d like to share with you a few data points on water stewardship that was the starting point [...]

  • The New Year: A Chance to Make Lasting Improvements
    Posted by SL&A on Jan 8th, 2010
    Related Products & Services: Operation Processes and Implementation, Team Effectiveness and Alignment, Strategic Planning

    As we begin a new year, it is critical to establish that this represents a new opportunity. Despite current economic times, the beginning of 2010 is no different. Successful people make resolutions in their personal lives and their professional lives; they seize the moment whatever it may be. Those who sit aside and decide to [...]