• The Talent Dilemma
    Posted by SL&A on Jan 20th, 2015
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    By Stuart R. Levine Published In, The Credit Union Times Planning for, managing and developing your organization’s talent are among the most important responsibilities of boards and senior leadership. Everyone knows that top employees are your greatest asset, so it’s important to get this right.  In engaging the board, the CEO and Chief Human Resource [...]

  • Hiring and Promoting Based on Potential
    Posted by SL&A on Aug 28th, 2014
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    By, Stuart R. Levine Published in, The Credit Union Times CEOs recognize that building and maintaining the pipeline of emergent senior management is getting more difficult.  PricewaterhouseCoopers in a recent survey of CEOs discovered that they have a serious concern about the future availability of talent at all levels. There is global competition for talent [...]

  • The Challenge of Succession Planning for CEOs and Boards
    Posted by SL&A on Feb 6th, 2012
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    Maximizing and ensuring shareholder value and performance requires an ongoing review of the depth of talent in an organization as well as the right complement of skills to lead effectively and navigate changing strategies.  As markets become more global and technology continues to play an even greater role in strategy, the criteria established for both [...]

  • Heads Up: Time to start connecting the dots
    Posted by SL&A on Feb 5th, 2012
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    As we begin the new year, most CEOs and C-Suite executives are thinking about how to strengthen the leadership team and management to best execute on strategy. Some leaders may have the “gene” that inspires them to naturally keep learning about the world and how it will impact their business. But many don’t have that [...]

  • Succession Planning: A Strategic Imperative
    Posted by SL&A on Jul 28th, 2011
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    This past month, I attended a Deloitte conference hosted by their Center for Corporate Governance, including 1,000 directors across 30 locations, live from New York City.  One of the most important topics and issues discussed is the board’s approach to succession planning. The departure of your CEO is the most important and challenging board responsibility. [...]

  • It’s Time To Refresh Your Board
    Posted by SL&A on Dec 2nd, 2009
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    The economic recovery continues to be problematic for the county and, as a result, regulatory pressures on  public companies and their boards remain high with no signs of abating.  Instead of waiting until regulatory  bodies start weighing in on ways to maintain high quality board performance, let’s exert some common  sense and get out ahead [...]

  • Tough Questions Could Prevent Another Tough Year
    Posted by SL&A on Jan 25th, 2008
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    It strikes me that in my professional life, much of the value I bring comes from my willingness to respectfully, but directly ask tough questions. As a consultant to chief executives and a public board member, it’s a big part of what I’m paid for. To start the New Year, I want to offer you [...]

  • Gleaning Leadership Insights from the HP Debacle
    Posted by SL&A on Oct 13th, 2006
    Related Products & Services: Effective Board Governance, Governance, Succession Planning

    As I work on this column, Patricia Dunn, former non-executive chairman of Hewlett-Packard’s board, is preparing to testify before Congress about recent revelations that HP was spying on its own board members. As the lead director of a public corporate board, I’ve watched the situation deteriorate and important lessons surface. These lessons have applications for [...]

  • Succession Planning that Makes All the Difference
    Posted by SL&A on Dec 9th, 2005
    Related Products & Services: Succession Planning, Strategic Planning, Effective Board Governance

    As the lead director of a public company board, I’m fortunate to be on the front line of trends in American business governance as they take shape.  Today when people talk about governance, they’re immediately drawn into a discussion about Sarbanes-Oxley or complicance issues.  But most public companies have these issues well in hand.  They’ve [...]