About Our Company

Founded in 1996, Stuart Levine & Associates is nationally recognized for its work with many Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative entrepreneurial and mid-sized organizations, specializing in Proprietary Strategic Business Planning™ and implementation, organization transition management including governance and succession planning, senior executive consultation and training linked to strategic goals. Outcomes are ensured by linking board metrics throughout the organization. Industry expertise includes financial services, credit unions, telecom, healthcare, professional services, government and many others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen leaders and organizations to achieve results.

Our Value Proposition

SL&A has the proven skills and methodologies to help you get results. We take your institutional wisdom and internal knowledge and facilitate a process that accelerates the development of a more effective organization based on the following six fundamentals of success: Make Sure You Add Value; Communicate Up and Down, Inside and Out; Know How to Deliver Results: Conduct Yourself and Your Business with Integrity; Invest in Relationships and Gain Perspective.

What Makes Us Different?

There is a reason why we established four areas of expertise: Strategic Planning, Strategic Implementation, Leadership Development and Governance.  They are all vital to achieving sustainable success for any organization.  Focusing on one without the other, jeopardizes the achievement of results.

Our practical and realistic solutions focus on implementation.  For the past 14 years, our company has successfully guided CEOs through transitions and helped organizations develop strategies, create processes and build strong teams that work together as a productive, collaborative and unified force to deliver results and sustainable business success.

We are senior consultants with 24/7 availability for our strategic business partners.  Our values incorporate the following key elements:  care and creation of value for our clients, integrity in everything we do, respect for people and continuous learning.

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