“I could not have achieved our current success without the support of Stuart Levine & Associates in creating a tremendously effective board of directors and providing a leadership structure for our organization. We now have the foundation in place to continue to build on our success based on our family vision and customer-oriented focus.”
Jim D’Addario, Chairman and CEO of D’Addario and Company

“SL&A provides the right education and the right deliverables for today’s challenges.  Other consulting firms do not offer the intimate environment needed for true development and learning.  With other processes, much of the heavy lifting gets pushed back to the board members.  The SL&A process creates ownership.”
Shawn Gilfedder, President and CEO of McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union

“Stuart Levine & Associates helped us to develop and implement a multi-year strategic plan which effectively positioned us in the marketplace for better patient outcomes and financial stability.”
Thomas Ockers, President and CEO of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center

“As you might expect from a former CEO of Dale Carnegie, Stuart Levine is the perfect combination of an expert educator who can offer both high-level boardroom experience and real governance thought-leadership.  Stuart is an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and demonstrates his commitment to advancing exemplary board leadership by facilitating many of our webinars and conference sessions to truly meet the needs of our director members.  He is a skilled questioner and communicator and focuses on delivering useable takeaways for an audience grappling with increasing responsibility in a fast-changing business environment.”
Liz Barron, Director of Education at National Association of Corporate Directors

“[Stuart Levine & Associates's] very engaging and practical learning session on Creating Leadership for the Future provided thought-provoking content that can definitely be applied to meeting our critical strategic objectives. It was well worth the investment of time.”
Donna LoStocco, Senior Vice President, Member Experience, Affinity Federal Credit Union

“Stuart’s message to the Presidents, CEOs and senior management leaders at our Annual Conference hit on all key components. I highly recommend him on message, style and thoroughly customized approach.”
Debbie A. Morris, Project Director of Sales & Marketing at SCA Tissues

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this [Edu-Leader® Program] from the beginning and wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and resources with the Credit Union community.”
Mary Lou Keane, CFO at Town of Hempstead Employees Federal Credit Union

“Stuart spoke at our planning session and was completely engaging, interesting and knowledgeable about the subject matter. In our instance, Stuart addressed governance, technology and innovation. Our Board rated Stuart’s presentation as one of the highest over the two days.”
Jeff York, President/CEO at CoastHills Federal Credit Union

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