Boards, as well as organizations, are most successful when firmly rooted in mission driven core values and creating long-term sustainable value for customers and shareholders.  Boards have an obligation to stay engaged and provide the requisite skills to create and maintain a culture of constructive challenge and competence. An effective board is especially key in today’s regulatory environment, particularly in the area of understanding strategy and succession planning.

The most successful CEOs learn how to effectively communicate and share information with their boards.

The establishment of an effective Board evaluation process, board leadership, the creation of board member criteria for candidates, directors and committee members, committee structures and charters, board education and director orientation, bylaws, ethics, conflict of interest policies and enterprise risk management policies are the key drivers to ensuring the fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities as a director and board.

To find out how Stuart Levine & Associates can help your Board  Governance, contact us.

Products and Services Currently Available:

Director Education
Effective Board Governance
Board Retreats
On-line Board Assessment
Enterprise Risk Management
CEO and Board Recruitment
Succession Planning

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Stuart Levine & Associates helped First Tech Federal Credit Union exceed board expectations and achieve higher levels of board confidence in support of my vision for the credit union.

Thomas E. Sargent
First Tech Federal Credit Union

Stuart Levine helped to organize the content and facilitated our most successful governance webinar yet with over 500 participants, to ensure a meaningful experience for directors and CEOs.  The staff at NACD appreciates his commitment to learning and sharing his deep expertise and perspective with our members on an ongoing basic.

Ken Daly
President & CEO
National Association of Corporate Directors

As you might expect from a former CEO of Dale Carnegie, Stuart Levine is the perfect combination of an expert educator who can offer both high-level boardroom experience and real governance thought-leadership.  Stuart is an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and demonstrates his commitment to advancing exemplary board leadership by facilitating many of our webinars and conference sessions to truly meet the needs of our director members.  He is a skilled questioner and communicator and focuses on delivering useable takeaways for an audience grappling with increasing responsibility in a fast-changing business environment.

Liz Barron
Director of Education
National Association of Corporate Directors

I could not have achieved out current success without the support of Stuart Levine & Associates in creating a tremendously effective board of directors and providing a leadership structure for our organization. We now have the foundation in place to continue to build on our success based on our family vision and customer-oriented focus.

Jim D'Addario
Chairman and CEO
J D'Addario and Company, Inc.