CEO and Board Recruitment

As thought-leaders in the Credit Union industry, Stuart Levine & Associates has identified the need to develop and provide organizations with a progressive and professional methodology to conduct CEO and Board Member identification and selection.

We are staffed with executive search professionals who understand your needs and the critical executive search methodologies. Our dedicated team, with in-depth understanding of your business, conducts customized search plans based upon your organizational needs, cultural fit and position requirements, with thorough screening, reference checks and post placement follow-up.  Our team delivers unparalleled client service, have been industry pioneers with the strictest confidentiality and a leading reputation of integrity.

We have an intense and creative knowledge-working process. Our program management discipline is vital to the success of each search including Discovery and Alignment/Program Design – establishment of goals, construction of position description and search strategy and test with examples for review and feedback; Continuous Communication – routine scheduled status review, defined order of candidate interviews, careful candidate client debriefing and due-diligence. Our time line to complete an assignment is about three months.

Why choose Stuart Levine & Associates CEO and Board Member Executive Search?

Skills & Knowledge: We have a talented team of highly-skilled professionals who have held senior positions in the most prestigious executive search firms. Stuart R. Levine sits on the Advisory Board for the NYSE whose focus is to establish onboarding best practices for new directors of public companies.

Reputation & Trust: Knowledge by itself is inadequate. Stuart Levine & Associates is a brand you can trust to work with you to ensure success. Our experience in the credit union industry will enable us to add value to the process and tailor our process to your needs.

Strategic Partners: Stuart Levine & Associates not only has deep expertise in the area of Governance, but focuses on Strategic Planning, Strategic Implementation, and Leadership Development. By focusing on these key organizational elements, we enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals to ensure sustainable success.

To find out how Stuart Levine & Associates can help your organization with CEO and Board Recruitment, contact us.

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I could not have achieved out current success without the support of Stuart Levine & Associates in creating a tremendously effective board of directors and providing a leadership structure for our organization. We now have the foundation in place to continue to build on our success based on our family vision and customer-oriented focus.

Jim D'Addario
Chairman and CEO
J D'Addario and Company, Inc.