Director Education

Stuart Levine & Associates has formed a joint venture with the Credit Union Times — the Credit Union Leadership Forum.  Our mission is to strengthen boards of directors by providing learning opportunities that ensure credit union stability and growth.

As your  trusted education partner for CEOs and Boards, we will  offer an  a Bi-weekly Electronic Newsletter providing strategic insights for credit union boards, free subscriptions of the Credit Union Times for all board and C-level executives, a Director’s Webcast Series throughout the year as well as an Annual Forum for CEOs and Board Chairs to give your credit union and board a  strategic advantage.

For more information, please contact Thomas R. Greve, CUDE, Publisher, Credit Union Times, 201-602-6958 or Thomas A Waller, Managing Director, Credit Union Leadership Forum, 908-752-0464.

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Stuart Levine helped to organize the content and facilitated our most successful governance webinar yet with over 500 participants, to ensure a meaningful experience for directors and CEOs.  The staff at NACD appreciates his commitment to learning and sharing his deep expertise and perspective with our members on an ongoing basic.

Ken Daly
President & CEO
National Association of Corporate Directors