Enterprise Risk Management

We are pleased to announce the formation of Strategic Impact Consulting LLC, a new business created and led by Stuart R. Levine and Hank Sheinkopf.  The purpose of this venture will be to assist publicly traded organizations with the preparation of effective governance strategies as well as campaigns as needed to address challenges from shareholder advocate groups.

Changes in corporate governance will create an unknown minefield for CEOs and board members. This transition and transformation will be more profound than the implementation of Sarbanes Oxley.  CEOs and board members will not have the experience or tools to deal with the convergence of financial, ethical, corporate, government and political forces.

The formation of new activist shareholders, including public offers, politicians, mutual fund trustees, foreign institutional investors, union leaders and academics are all new players in a potent mainstream force that present new issues and requires new strategies for companies and the boards that govern them.

Directors must understand all the material risk to the corporation, including reputational risk, operational risk and human capital risk. Our organization can assist in setting up governance best practices to head off these confrontations effectively, or work to address specific and timely threats.

To find out how Stuart Levine & Associates can help your organization with innovative and advanced Enterprise Risk Management strategies, contact us.

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