Key Performance Indicators

Our insights in the Credit Union space, gives the CEOs reference data to make difficult decisions impacting their credit unions. We will help you target the appropriate financial, efficiency and quality indicators.  These insights will provide the reference data to make the right decisions.

We frame the strategic road map for developing the initial and final KPIs and service level agreements for your organization.  We conduct an in-depth analysis of the current measures among the all partners and develop the financial, efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction indicators and targets to bound the process work such that the delivery of the shared service and financial benefits can be modeled and tested in advance of any credit union cultural disruption or substantial financial obligation is incurred.

We deliver KPIs for all functional areas and then align KPI satisfaction for members and internal customers. We share best practices in the area of: financial model for cost sharing, extent of service level management, common platforms, processes, products and accountability structures, governance, what works and what doesn’t regarding collaboration and the delivery of benefits from shared services.

We additionally have expertise that allows us to effectively assess a client’s current measures and metric structure. Based on Best-in-Class and Best Practice methodologies, evaluations are reviewed and analyzed. Recommendations are developed by SL&A to create future state Key Performance Indicators and Measures. KPI’s and associated measures allow the organization to develop a Best-in-Class Measurement Structure that can be used by the organization’s senior executives to better monitor, understand and effectively react to achieving the business Goals and Objectives.

To find out how Stuart Levine & Associates can help your organization with Key Performance Indicators, contact us.

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