Strategic Planning

Having access to practical and strategic thinking can make all the difference.

At Stuart Levine & Associates, our disciplined process takes the institutional wisdom and internal knowledge of your company to develop strategies, create processes and build strong teams that work together as a productive, and unified force. We help you to establish the leadership capacity needed to put your management team, board and organization on a strategic path that achieves sustainable results.

We facilitate a strategic business planning process that creates a broadly- owned practical strategic plan with 4-6 key drivers that can be implemented throughout the organization.

Planning is preceded by the creation of a new vision, mission and core values to drive the process. Our process ensures organizational support and buy-in, and provides the project management skills and tools for teams to implement new strategies.

We create common language and common practice and work with organizational leadership to increase leadership capacity and accountability with focus on sustainability and results.

To find out how Stuart Levine & Associates can help your organization with Strategic Planning, contact us.

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Stuart Levine & Associates helped us to develop and implement a multi-year strategic plan which effectively positioned us in the marketplace for better patient outcomes and financial stability.
Thomas Ockers
President and CEO
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center