Strategic Retreats

We are skilled at designing and facilitating focused retreats that provide the right process and outcomes. We  follow up to ensure that engagement from the retreat is the beginning of an effective process for sustainable change.

CEOs are often looking to effectuate changes such as devising and implementing mission-driven and innovative strategies as well as developing the capacity of their senior leadership teams to align themselves effectively, engagement their teams and establish clear accountability and responsibility for results.

We are well-positioned to partner with you through our practical and pragmatic approach and real-world deliverables.

To find out how Stuart Levine & Associates can help your organization with Strategic Retreats, contact us.

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The strategic retreat exceeded my expectations.  You are an amazingly complimentary team.  Love the way you made sure each and every one of us contributed and kept us on track.  Love the conclusions and that it all becomes ACTIONABLE in terms of a dashboard that we can align around!! It took our tone and culture up several notches. Thank you!
Marianne Brown
President & CEO
Omgeo, LLC